TARC is committed to the wellbeing of all our stakeholders, including our employees, contractors, investors, partners, and the communities we touch. 

We make sure to take the extra steps to ensure that everything we do is in a safe and responsible manner, caring about the land and acting as good stewards of the environment. We respect the people we work with and value the partnerships we forge. This is why landowners have continued to put their trust in us for nearly 30 years.

Looking ahead, we continue to make progress towards accomplishing our sustainability goals and are proud of our environmental performance and conservation efforts, which include:

  • >65% of producing wells electrified
  • >85% of water piped
  • Annual emissions reduced by >100 metric tons CO2e
  • Hauling traffic reduced by >100 trucks per day
  • Annual LOE reduced by ~$5mm

TARC ESG Corporate Policy


  • We believe in doing what is right through exemplary environmental performance, including the consideration of potential impacts of our operations on wildlife, land, water and air.
  • We are committed to ongoing emissions reductions efforts with a focus on improving and documenting greenhouse gas emission intensity.
  • We comply with all applicable environmental law and regulations, often going above and beyond when required.


  • We have comprehensive programs in place to ensure that safety is always top of mind, and we maintain a safe work environment for our employees and contractors.
  • We are committed to building strong relationships within the communities where we live and work through volunteerism, financial contributions and employee-led service projects.
  • We value our employees and are committed to fostering a work environment that is focused on diversity, equity and inclusiveness.


  • We recognize the importance of abiding by our core values and ESG responsibilities, which serve the best interests of our employees, investors and the communities where we operate.  
  • We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and believe transparency with our stakeholders is important to the growth and success of our company.
  • We are focused on security through the implementation of company-wide training on the latest privacy laws and trends in data security.